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SHIRLEY HALL-WHITE has been a born again Christian for forty years. and has been teaching the Word of God for over thirty years in Australia and in New Zealand. She has been a Senior Lecturer in Bible Colleges in both countries. Shirley teaches with a prophetic edge and is called by God to minister to women. Shirley is currently one of the Administrators for God’s Word To Women.  She has a passion to share God’s word. To this end she writes non fiction books to do this including Preparing For The Glory. In this book she speaks of the Great Outpouring of God’s Spirit and how to prepare for it in these Last Days. Shirley is currently working on a book on the life of Deborah the prophetess. She has also written a book on women and what the Bible says. It is currently in manuscript form. Shirley is available for speaking engagements and can be contacted at islandfaith4@gmail.com. Her blog for Women on the Cutting Edge™ can be found on Facebook.

Email: islandfaith4@gmail.com
Photo: Shirley Hall-White

Preparing For The Glory

PREPARING FOR THE GLORY. We are living in the time the Bible calls The End of the Age. God is about to do awesome things that the prophets have been foretelling for 6000 years. Jesus is coming back and the Holy Spirit is preparing the Church for His return. Already there have been tremendous outpourings of His Spirit in times past but these have been lost or curtailed because there was no revelation on how to contain them. We need to know what the Bible says. The Bible gives us instructions and protocols on how to conduct ourselves as we walk in God’s presence. It is our guide. It is our protection. In this final hour of the outpouring of His Spirit we need to make sure that we stay within the principles and boundaries of His Word. God will never go beyond what the Word says or move outside of the character of His Word. If we do these things and embrace His moving in our services then we will be preparing for His Glory and this time it will not be lost.

Email: islandfaith4@gmail.com
Writer: Shirley Hall-White

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