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Sharianne Bailey

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SHARIANNE BAILEY was born in Africa loving words and wanting to know everything, do everything and go everywhere, all at the same time. A fearsome toddler, she caused much mayhem in the family and her parents probably developed grey hair a lot sooner than they deserved. Some way down the line, she was blessed to meet with God – which seemed to smooth off many rough corners and she found an amazing husband in David – who has two feet firmly planted on Terra Firma where he helps her to stay. They have two adult sons. Sharianne has degrees in English Literature and teaching. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and family where she works as both a reading and learning support teacher and writer. Sharianne is passionate about seeing people come to wholeness and healing through the love of God found in Jesus.

Website: www.authorshariannebailey.com
Photo: Sharianne Bailey

Kiss Of The Wolf Spider

KISS OF THE WOLF SPIDER is Sharianne Bailey’s first published work and is available as a single 300 page book in the genre of biographical fiction, or as a two part story, for Young Adults, published under the titles Unspoken, Kiss of the Wolf Spider Part 1 and Redeemed, Kiss of the Wolf Spider, Part 2. The two-part editions are currently available in both hard copy and e-book. Kiss of the Wolf Spider is a based very closely on a true story of abuse, survival and hope. Jane, a fearful teen is trapped in a web of family lies and finds herself victim to the vilest taboo. Deserted by the mother she loves and betrayed by those she  trusts, Jane is forced to keep hidden this dark, unspoken family secret. Confused, threatened and afraid, will Jane ever find the courage to tell someone? And if she does, is there anyone who will hear or protect her? Will her rudimentary faith in a God she does not really understand, eventually help her to rise from despair to victory? This inspirational narrative presents one of life’s unsung heroines in a page-turner that engages the heart and senses.

Website: www.authorshariannebailey.com
Writer: Sharianne Bailey

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