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RUTH CORBETT has been a member of NZ Christian Writers for many years, joining the Honours roll in February 1999. She began her career as a primary school teacher then went to the Bible College of NZ for three years. After a period of missionary work in France she returned to NZ. She is married to Chris and they have a married son who is a Pilot Officer for the Air Force. Over the years she has written many course materials for ESL, TESOL, Literacy, Creative Writing, Writing Life Stories and Relationship classes she has taught. She has had articles, poems, stories and devotionals published in a variety of places including The Christian Writer, Challenge Weekly, the Reaper (magazine of the B.C.N.Z. – now Laidlaw College), the Western Leader, Joybells magazine, St. Giles Gems, Titoki Healing Centre’s Open Hand, A Treasury of Spirit (an anthology) and NZ Christian Writers anthologies. Her first book was published in June 2017.

Email: promisekept99@outlook.com
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I’ve Fallen In Love

I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE. The personal story of the diverse ways the author has experienced God’s amazing love throughout her life. This book shines hope into issues that many people grapple with, such as yearning for a life partner, infertility, loss of a baby in the womb, aging parents, shyness and decision making. The autobiography records experiences of the Lord’s leading in mission adventures overseas and in New Zealand. In the latter part of the book it highlights the joys and challenges of parenting. Each chapter focuses on one expression of the Father’s love and concludes with a prayer that gives the opportunity for the reader to not only identify with the needs the author encountered, but also to meet with the Lord who is the specific answer to each need.

Email: promisekept99@outlook.com
Writer: Ruth Corbett

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