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Raewyn Pattemore

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RAEWYN PATTEMORE grew up as in Thailand where her parents were missionaries. High school years were spent in Christchurch. She did a BA at the University of Auckland where she met her future husband who was also a TCP. They spent 4 years at Hebron school in South India, which was Stephen’s childhood home, followed by a year at Bible College in Henderson. Then they spent 10 years in South Thailand, working alongside Raewyn’s parents with a tribal group of Sea People. Raewyn prepared reading materials to encourage people to read in their own language. They settled back in Auckland with their family of 4 children in 1996 and Raewyn worked part-time in a Christian bookshop. She studied for the Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing through the NZ Institute of Business Studies in 2011-2012. Her main proofreading and copy editing projects since then include Series 1 and 2 of the Chronicles of Paki by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart, Love Our Ocean (Young Ocean Explorers) by Steve and Riley Hathaway and a big project for the Bible Society in NZ. She would love to do some writing of her own one day and is presently helping her mother with her memoirs.

Email: raewyn.pattemore@ihug.co.nz
Photo: Raewyn Pattemore

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