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MARY WELHAM was born in 1930 the time of the great depression Mary published her first book an autobiography, What Love is This, at 81 years of age. Her skill at writing was recognized when at eight years of age Mary was selected to represent her primary school at an essay competition. Although never losing her love of stories and story writing her talent was not encouraged and at 14 years of age her formal education ended. As Mary puts it she then entered the University of Life. Even after a marriage that lasted 59 years, 2 sons, a daughter who was born deaf, 7 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, her love of life and learning has never diminished. Now at 85 years she is working on the second volume of her biography. Passionate about her Lord, she desires that the whole world will know how much we are loved by the living God.

Email: marywelham@xtra.co.nz
Photo: Mary Welham

What Love Is This?

WHAT LOVE IS THIS?: My Spiritual Journey. Birthed in the great world depression of 1930, Mary’s life story paints a fascinating portrait of early life in rural New Zealand. A life full of challenges including marriage, 3 children one of whom was born deaf, forms the background of greatest challenge of all. At the age of forty-four Mary met with Jesus Christ and entered into the adventure of her life. The story continues telling something of the upheavals on her journeys up many mountains. The joys as she reaches the summits and anguish when she slides to the depths. It is gripping stuff and moves at a fast pace. As we share in her excitement and her griefs, we realise the overwhelming love she found in her Saviour and her passion to share this Love of God with us all.

Email: marywelham@xtra.co.nz
Writer: Mary Welham

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