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Lisa Liggett

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LISA LIGGETT has a background in teaching, and currently lives on a dairy farm in Northland with her husband of thirteen years and their two boys. Lisa is passionate about helping others avoid unrequited love, and then clearly know when someone is in love with you, after her own traumatic experience with being rejected. She has self-published her first book Living the Fairy Tale to achieve this. After the book’s publication Lisa was given feedback that enabled her to begin her second edition entitled Stop Kissing Frogs!, which will include the perspective of the rejecter. She is also keen to help mothers in their parental role feel supported and is currently working on a book entitled, Motherhood Bliss?. All books can be viewed on her website.

Website: www.lisaliggett.co.nz
Photo: Lisa Liggett

Living The Fairy Tale

LIVING THE FAIRY TALE. Trying to find Mr Right (your prince) can be a daunting task, especially if you have ever experienced Mr Wrong (a frog). Desperation can set in when you face not only staying single but also missing out on motherhood as well. This book is for those of you who don’t want to waste precious years on a frog, and are searching for an easy, effective formula for telling the difference between a man in love and one about to leave you. The formula was gleaned from Lisa Liggett’s personal experience with a frog and her quest to find a foolproof way of avoiding the slippery, slimy experience again. Applying this new formula led to her meeting and marrying her Prince Charming.

Website: www.lisaliggett.co.nz
Writer: Lisa Liggett

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