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LINDA HARRINGTON grew up in a small country town in the Manawatu region of New Zealand. Her father was involved with the racing industry, and life as a child revolved around his racehorses and family activities. Linda had a successful career in the finance industry and lived in various places throughout New Zealand. She is a keen gardener, enjoys the outdoors, and painting watercolours. Her Christian values are reflected in her writing. Linda currently lives in Tauranga.

Email: rosabelleharrington@mail.com
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ROSABELLE. Jane Williams is an 11-year-old girl growing up in 1970s New Zealand, a farming nation at the bottom of the world. Living on the outskirts of a small rural town, her family have no telephone, no fridge, and use an outside toilet. However, the family does own a promising racehorse, Jane’s pride and joy — Rosabelle. When the family falls on tough times, Jane finds out that all is not as it seems in Woodville. With the help of her Italian best-friend and Scottish teacher, will Jane be able to uncover the town’s and her own family’s secrets and save Rosabelle before it’s too late?

Website: www.harringtonbooks.wix.com
Writer: Linda Harrington

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