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Kaylene Subritzky

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KAYLENE SUBRITZKY lived in Christchurch until moving to Auckland in 1999. Kaylene has been involved in marketing and management for much of her working life.  As a non-Christian, she believed that there was no hope for her future.  When she began to take her eyes off herself and to thank the Lord, God radically  transformed her life. Kaylene’s book, entitled God Has A Plan, talks about her journey from a dark place to finding hope in Christ. She  began working for Promise Keepers NZ national office and joined Charisma Christian Ministries. Kaylene married Bill Subritzky  in 2012. Together they conducted evangelistic outreach meetings both in New Zealand and overseas. Kaylene continues to promote Dove Ministries in the tradition started by Bill and Pat Subritzky over 40 years ago.

Email: dove@doveministries.com
Photo: Kaylene Subritzky

God Has A Plan

In GOD HAS A PLAN, Kaylene Subritzky recounts her personal journey to Christianity. She tells of her earliest days growing up with an alcoholic father to her marriage in 2012 to evangelist Bill Subritzky, Kaylene describes the sometimes painful process of seeing things the way they really are, then following God’s clear signposts towards the ultimate goal of being born again through the Holy Spirit. Her story is touching, humorous, honest and sprinkled with gospel-driven insights that will help you to appreciate and understand the power of Jesus Christ and the glory of God. Read inspiring insights that will help you improve your life. Discover Bible teachings that help you overcome problems. Gain an understanding of how to become a Christian. Have hope for a more meaningful future and see that God loves you. Realise that it is never too late to find God and His plan for your life.

Website: www.DoveMinistries.com
Writer: Kaylene Subritzky

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