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John Milne

// Hauraki Group Leader & Writer

JOHN MILNE has been a member of NZ Christian Writers since shortly after it started in 1983. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, he served a five year indentured apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery before doing four years with the R.A.F., two of which was active service in the Middle East. Arriving in New Zealand in 1957 as a workaholic with a passion for building, his energies were focused on designing and building spec. houses at the top end of the market in the Eastern suburbs of Auckland. Through this he picked up a few pieces of paper, Registered Master Builder, Woodwork Teacher, Trained Teacher, and a couple of others with Advanced Trade Certificate written on them. An important pivotal point in his working life was in graduating from Auckland Secondary Teachers college in the early Sixties. John Milne is the Group Leader for NZ Christian Writers, based in Paeroa, Hauraki.

Email: johnrmilne38@gmail.com
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BEREAVEMENT is a part of life that most of us will have to deal with some time. Joy and sadness, love and hate, life and death are as much a part of our lives as sunrise and sunset, summer and winter. All of life is a mystery which has provided fertile soil for poets, sages and writers since mankind discovered the art of recorded thought. This book records various experiences and reactions of people from very different backgrounds who have enjoyed the blessings and the curses which life throws up. It also portrays these people in the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of their lives. One of the writers of this book was used to dealing with death in her medical practice. Her tragic story is told as it happened. The painful reality of losing parents and several more loved family members does nothing to soften the blow of losing loved ones. On the contrary, it awakens memories and makes the pain more acute. The content of this book has stirred memories for the writers as they have relived their experiences.

Website: www.lulu.com
Writer: John Milne

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