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JEANETTE KNUDSEN was formerly a secondary teacher of English and worked in Promotions at Bethlehem College from 1990 to 2010. She is a director of DayStar Books Ltd. She has been writing for a number of years, co-authoring her first book, Fire at the Mount, with Beverley Coad in 2010. Her second book Great Futures: 25 Years of Christian Education in Bethlehem was published in 2013. She enjoys travel and travel writing and has written three travel blogs: Silkspin tells of her Silk Road travels from Hong Kong to Europe in 2011. Moosespin is about her travels in Canada from Vancouver to Halifax in 2013. Rhinospin tells of driving from Cape Town to Nairobi in 2014. Jeanette is married to Martin, has three adult children and lives in Tauranga.

Email: knudsen@bopis.co.nz
Photo: Jeanette Knudsen

Fire At The Mount

FIRE AT THE MOUNT is the story of Mount Maunganui Baptist Church during the 1970s under the ministry of Rev. Graeme Coad. As one of the early Baptist churches in New Zealand to champion the charismatic movement, the book tells how the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit were introduced and how many, especially unchurched youth, found new life. The book details the growth of the church, records stories of individual lives transformed, and seeks to bring some evaluation. Joint writers, Jeanette Knudsen of Tauranga, and Beverley Coad, now living in Florida, USA, both attended the church and experienced first hand the events recounted in the book. This is not just a book about past events. It provides food for thought about the way we do church today, encouraging Christians to seek today’s version of renewal in church life.

Writers: Jeanette Knudsen & Beverley Coad

Great Futures

GREAT FUTURES: 25 years of Christian Education in Bethlehem 1988 to 2013. Author Jeanette Knudsen worked at Bethlehem College for 21 years and knows her subject well. Great Futures traces the exciting development of the campus in Tauranga over its first 25 years. It tells the early miracle years, with the construction of the first primary classroom block in a three-day 400 volunteer quickbuild. It then traces the struggles of the pioneering days and the growth into secondary schooling, followed by the establishment of other operations. These include tertiary studies at the Bethlehem Institute of Education, and the five pre-school centres. The book presents the personal contribution of many involved, like the founding principal, Graham Preston and major benefactors Keith and Margaret Relf. This is the modern-day true story of God at work in New Zealand’s world of education. Hard cover, colour photos. For sale from Bethlehem College Finance office, $25.00

Website: www.beth.school.nz
Writer: Jeanette Knudsen

Four Kiwis On The Silk Road

FOUR KIWIS ON THE SILK ROAD. Join four adventurous Kiwis in their 4WD vehicles as they travel 16,000 kilometres over the Silk Road. Learn of their challenges and encounter sights the ordinary traveller never seas – in China, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe and on to Denmark. Visit fascinating towns like Kashgar and romantic cities like Samarkand. Enjoy the journey with Jeanette and her friends.

Website: www.DayStarBooks.org
Writer: Jeanette Knudsen

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