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Jay Matenga

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JAY MATENGA is the Executive Officer of Missions Interlink New Zealand, and Task Force Leader of the Mission Mobilization Task Force with WEA Mission Commission. He has co-authored “Mission In Motion”, together with Malcolm Gold, exploring mission mobilization in a global context. Since 1990, Jay has been a student/practitioner of the ministry of Mission Mobilization which was popularized by the late Dr Ralph Winter in the late 1970’s and throughout the 1980’s. Between September 2000 and November 2015, Jay was the New Zealand Director of Pioneers, a mission organisation specializing in facilitating Christians to serve cross-cultural where the Church is least represented. From November 2015, he carries the responsibilities of Executive Officer of Missions Interlink NZ, the association of missions in Aotearoa / New Zealand. He also leads the mobilisation track of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission and is completing a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies at Fuller School of Graduate Studies. Jay has also taken the lead as Chief Editor of the publications programme for the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission.

Website: www.jaymatenga.com
Photo: Jay Matenga

Mission In Motion

MISSION IN MOTION: Speaking Frankly of Mobilization. This book represents an historic and unprecedented piece of research. The research project took nearly ten years to complete from start to finish. It is not a longitudinal study but rather a snapshot in time, which took far longer to process than it did to take. Nevertheless, the picture that developed was well worth the wait. Our hope is that this work will remain relevant for many years to come and promote much discussion and interest to foster more effective mission involvement. This book is part of the Globalisation of Mission Series published by the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission.

Website: www.jaymatenga.com
Writer: Jay Matenga

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