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GEORGE SEBER is an Emeritus Professor of Statistics and held the foundation Chair in Statistics at Auckland University for several decades. He has a PhD in statistics and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society NZ. In his later years he trained as a counsellor at Laidlaw College to obtain a Diploma in Counselling, and has been counselling for 11 years. He is the author or co-author of 18 mathematical statistics books (mainly published with Wiley and Springer) and one counselling book (self-published), and his new book published on Christian apologetics is entitled “Can We Believe It?: Evidence for Christianity“. He has been a member and musician at Windsor Park Baptist Church for many years, and he and his wife ran divorce recovery programmes at the church. Currently he is involved there with an apologetics programme called Reasons for Faith.

Email: g.seber@auckland.ac.nz
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Can We Believe It?

CAN WE BELIEVE IT? Evidence For Christianity. Many people today believe that Christianity will not stand up to a scientific or intellectual investigation, and that science has all the answers. Such an attitude shows an ignorance of the wealth of available philosophical arguments and scientific information that Dr. Seber taps into in this book. Initially, he shows that mathematics and science are limited in what they can prove in spite of modern advances. He then summarizes his material using basic questions as ten chapter headings: Does God exist, is there a spiritual dimension, do we have free will, is the Bible reliable, who is Jesus, do miracles occur, why does God allow suffering and evil, is Christianity a blessing or a curse to society, what about evolution, and how can we get to know God? The reader may have other questions and a number are considered within each chapter, such as problems with philosophical materialism and atheism. He draws his material from many sources including statistics, physics, cosmology, genetics, philosophy, history, biochemistry, theology, psychology, archaeology, and biology. Comparatively, new subjects like epigenetics, chaos theory, and quantum mechanics, that many people are not aware of, are brought into the picture. These topics change our thinking about reality.

Website: www.amazon.com
Writer: George Seber

Counseling Issues

COUNSELING ISSUES: A Handbook for Counselors and Psychotherapists. This look-up handbook of 638 pages covers almost every issue that one might meet in a counselling room. Although originally written for beginning counsellors, more experienced counsellors have also used it including those in helping roles such as pastors, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. It can be used as a self-help book. Each of the 22 chapters ends with a biblical viewpoint that people have found helpful. Topics covered include: two chapters on the brain and wholeness; a range of emotional issues such as anger, shame, stress, grief, depression, anxiety and associated disorders, and suicide risk; behavioural issues like addictions and phobias; compulsive behaviours like self-harm and obsessive compulsive disorder; relationship issues such as divorce, abuse of various kinds (e.g., physical and spiritual), dysfunctional relationships, adoption, blended families, and strategies for couple counselling; and two chapters on personality disorders. Published by Xlibris (2013), and available on Amazon.

Website: www.seber-counselingissues.com
Writer: George Seber

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