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Felicity Logan

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FELICITY LOGAN is a former schoolteacher who teaches piano, writing what she can as dust and cobwebs gather. Starting writing in 1997 she gained numerous placings and short-listings in the NZ short-story competition circuit, and had verse, stories and articles published. She authored The Last Spike, a history of the North Island Main Trunk Line to celebrate its centenary, then a historical novel A Silent Sin pursuing the bigamy theme in her family’s history. Recently she re-wrote true history from her region in the form of six children’s books (Kiwi Kids in2 History series) with book seven on the ANZAC theme. That led to Teddy Tells, the ‘memoirs’ of an actual teddy-bear mascot in both world wars.

Email: felicity.logan@compassnet.co.nz
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Gardening For Dummies

GARDENING FOR DUMMIES is a 64-page book containing two months of daily Christian devotions by a horticulturally-challenged writer. This fairly light-weight offering is the result of thoughts during everyday experiences such as gardening, parenting and teaching. Situations with a spiritual parallel wanted to become object lessons. During our ‘apprenticeship for eternity’ we encounter issues: making choices; being under scrutiny; God’s provision; de-cluttering; what to plant in your life, etc. Regretfully there is little likelihood this book will help you become a better gardener. You might however have a ‘lol’ moment here, an “Aha!” or a challenge there. My mother gave this book its best commendation: “It sounds just like the person down the road talking to me.” Email for the free e-book PDF from: felicity.logan@compassnet.co.nz

Email: felicity.logan@compassnet.co.nz
Writer: Felicity Logan

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