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Ellaine Millard

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ELLAINE MILLARD has always been fascinated with how writers’ word-craft; how wisdom, knowledge, imagination and insightful experiences are transformed with ardor and vivacity, to become treasured companions, which speak many truths – past, present and future. Hence Ellaine’s writing has been largely in journals; collected sayings akin to, ‘My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer’; also definitions – ‘hermeneutics, the science of interpretation’ and book extracts rich in language, vulnerable emotion, and glorious depiction, from humanity’s complex existence. The journals fuel her stories, poems and testimonies. She didn’t quite finished her B.A. in English, but did study Language, Creative and Academic Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Documentary, Film Script, and Speech Making, all-the-while running a video publishing unit with her husband. She really now prefers to write for Jesus – the Professor of Life, because He asked her to complete and publish that which He gifted to her. So be it!

Email: redeemed@maxnet.co.nz
Photo: Ellaine Millard

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