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DENNIS R. MCLEOD grew up on a farm in the central north Island of New Zealand and joined the Regular Force Cadets at the age of just fifteen and by the time he graduated into the Regular Force had become the head cadet. Before leaving the army at age twenty-seven he became a qualified mechanic and instructor. McLeod was a top teacher at a local trade school, where he taught for over thirty-five years. McLeod also served as president of a local school committee and president of the Hamilton Harriers club he belonged to. He has served as a church synod representative. He and his wife, Penny, have served as missionaries in several countries, including Israel, Philippines, Benin, Malawi and America. Along with Penny, they pastored a church in their hometown of Hamilton New Zealand. He has four grown children and nine grandchildren.

Email: dpmcleod2@icloud.com
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Small Beginnings

SMALL BEGINNINGS. “Great things can come from small beginnings,” McLeod says. “They happened to me, and they can happen to you, too.” At some point in their lives, many people feel they have been rejected and forgotten. They may see friends and family go on to lead fulfilling lives and believe such a life will never come to them. Their lives are filled with a sense of rejection, whether real or imagined. Author Dennis R. McLeod understands that feeling and shares it in Small Beginnings. Because of the verbal abuse he suffered as a child and being told he would never amount to anything, plus a marriage and divorce at the age of thirty-three, he suffered very badly from rejection. This is the story of the journey that started at the age of fifteen when God started training him for the future and the work God had for him to do.

Website: www.smallbeginings.com
Writer: Dennis R. McLeod

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