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Debbie McDermott

// Committee Member & Magazine Editor

DEBBIE MCDERMOTT—editor of the NZCW bimonthly magazine and author of Voyage of the Redeemed—was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she developed a great love for books and writing. She met and married her husband Sean in 1990, and worked with him on a number of ventures. The McDermotts emigrated from Zimbabwe to New Zealand in 2006 and settled in Waiuku, South Auckland with their two sons, Daniel and Peter. Debbie officially became a Kiwi in 2012 and has been involved with NZ Christian Writers since 2007. She took on the role of Committee Member and editor of The Christian Writer in 2010.

Email: sddp@xtra.co.nz
Photo: Debbie McDermott

Voyage of the Redeemed

VOYAGE OF THE REDEEMED tells the story of Noah’s call to build the Ark, and the opposition he and his family endured in a world riddled with depravity. Interwoven in the historical facts of the tale is plenty of intrigue, treachery and romance. The story culminates with the Great Flood and how the family of eight miraculously survived it. Voyage of the Redeemed is Deborah McDermott’s first novel and a tribute to Sean, who encouraged her to write the story in the first place. ISBN 978-1-907040-60-3. Available from Melrose Books.

Website: www.MelroseBooks.com
Writer: Debbie McDermott

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