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Clare Matravers

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CLARE MATRAVERS lives in Whangarei and is a care-giver for her mother, a job which leaves her plenty of time to write. She has just self-published her first novel and is currently working on the sequel. She has worked mainly in Financial and Office Administration but has a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Psychology. This has proved helpful when creating characters for her books.

Email: clarefully@yahoo.co.nz
Photo: Clare Matravers

Ripples In The Water

RIPPLES IN THE WATER. Sapphire Nord is in trouble – BIG trouble and doesn’t know what to do. A friend suggests a possible solution – but it’s drastic and has major consequences. What will Sapphire decide? Her life is touched by tragedy, romance, an illness and faith before she encounters a mysterious woman with a huge secret – one that involves Sapphire, and will change her life forever.

Email: clarefully@yahoo.co.nz
Writer: Clare Matravers

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