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CAROLINE NEWINGS has written for pleasure as far back as she can remember. It was just a decade ago that she had her first piece of writing published. It was an academic article in a government magazine. Since then, she has had 3 short stories published. Her first book is now on the way and it is currently in the hands of the publishers. Her 2nd book is being written. Caroline resides in Auckland after moving there to commence a job with the late Bill Subritzky. Her Christian walk was richly nourished by his faith during that time.

Email: cnew@xtra.co.nz
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Where There Is Life, There REALLY Is Hope

WHERE THERE IS LIFE, THERE REALLY IS HOPE. My book shares my story and experiences of being the mother of a drug addict. It was a devastating time for me and I was overwhelmed with all the decisions I had to make. I looked for a testimonial book to help me (just like this one), written by a parent of a drug addict, but the bookshelves were bare. My daughter has written a book which goes hand-in-hand with mine. Both books talk about the same situations but from our own viewpoints and detailing our own experiences. My daughter experienced several traumas in life from mid-teens to early 20s, before succumbing to drugs. She was a P addict for 2 years. I expected to bury her before Christmas 2014. But God reached down and pulled her out of that pit. She has not touched P again since that day: 19 October 2014. I am sharing my story as a first step towards filling that chasm that I discovered on the bookshelves, with the intention of offering hope to other parents of drug addicts who are heart-broken by the choices of their beloved young ones.

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Writer: Caroline Newings

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