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BOB WICKHAM has  always been excited and enthusiastic about encouraging young people. This is why he started Kiwi Can in Primary Schools. The program went from Kaitaia to the Bluff. Basically the program encouraged children through praise. As the children’s confidence grew they were challenged and then they excelled. The excelling was so excelling the program was very accepted and is still going to day. What was exciting the young people growing in confidence became great achievers and warm giving people. Bob was a farmer, loved nature and created a garden of 80 hectares as a sideline. The garden was very colourful and was basically all flowering trees. There was white gardens which was made up of 80 Mt Everest rhododendrons, it covered a hillside. A blue garden was 4 levels of blue flowers topped by  flowering Paulonias. Bobs faith has led to creating youth churches, and he believes that divine healing is God’s command to spread the word and wonderful divine power of Jesus. He traveled to Nepal with John Ferguson on a healing mission with 15 other enthusiasts and believers during November 2017.

Website: www.praiseitforward.co
Photo: Bob Wickham

Let The Sunshine In

LET THE SUNSHINE IN is about how praise can change your life very quickly and excitingly. When you praise someone you uplift yourself and also the person you praised. Most people are too cautious to praise or not use to praising. The more you praise the warmth and love grows in you and all the people you praise. Praise a child and you see the lights all come on. Children praised and encouraged have a head start in life. Praise is giving and as a giver your attitude to life changes. I find people when they praise grow in confidence and they actually become very good achievers. The book shows through planned courses how praise gives warmth and love, and how the giver receives the same warmth and love. Genuine praise is one of the world’s big needs. People want it. We all love to be praised. We glow.

Website: www.praiseitforward.co
Writer: Bob Wickham

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