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Belinda McCallion

// Writer & Illustrator

BELINDA MCCALLION is a mother of three from Tauranga, New Zealand. She trained as an Early Childhood Educator, and has worked in this field off and on since 1998. It has been her lifelong dream to become a writer and illustrator for children. Now she is putting that dream into action, and has completed a ‘Writing for Children’ diploma course, and produced her first book, Am I Precious?, with the help of Lang Publishing. It is her vision to produce stories for children that will enrich their lives and their walk with God.

Website: www.belindamccallion.com
Photo: Belinda McCallion

Story Potpourri

STORY POTPOURRI: A Collection of Short Stories And Poems. Want something to read? Something short? Funny? To bring back memories perhaps? Tauranga Christian Writers, a branch of New Zealand Christian Writers, would like to share some of their writing. We trust you will enjoy this collection of short stories and poems. Creating this collection has both challenged us and given us a sense of satisfaction. Happy reading!

Email: jan@roads-end.co.nz
Writers: Tauranga Christian Writers

Am I Precious?

AM I PRECIOUS? is a picture book to help girls understand their deep desire to be treasured, and shows God’s deep desire to treasure them. Every young girl has a question that haunts her: “Am I precious?” Hidden in this question are her secret hopes and fears. This is usually silent, a question she asks of everyone she knows, through different actions. The young girl in this story is no different. She asks this question of family, friends and a teacher, hoping they will confirm that she is precious. She doesn’t always get the answer she wants. This can be crushing to the spirit, but when she takes her question to God, His answer is always the same: “Yes. You are precious and I love you.” Understanding how much God loves her, she is then able to share that love with others.

Website: www.belindamccallion.com
Writer: Belinda McCallion

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