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BARTHA HILL is a writer with a long biography having more than 500 publications to her name, the first was when she was 16. The list includes magazine and newspaper articles, seven years as a writer with World Vision, 16 books for adults and children, and seven years marking and writing a proofreading course for the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies.

Email: barthahill@yahoo.com
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Trust God, Keep The Faith

TRUST GOD, KEEP THE FAITH: The Story of Guido de Bres. During the late sixteenth century the Reformation was sweeping across Europe. As the Bible became a loved book by the common man, many people questioned the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church at the perils of their lives. By torture and cruel deaths the priests attempted to return these “rebels” to the church.In the midst of this battle Guido de Bres lived as he died — trusting God and keeping the faith.Nearly five hundred years have passed since he was born, but the confession of faith written by Guido de Bres — a wonderful summary of God’s Word — continues to live on in the lives of Reformed people around the world.This book, written by one of his descendants, is about Guido de Bres. It describes the time in which he lived, and the confession of faith God allowed him to write. Though intended for older children it also will be enjoyed by adults.

Email: barthahill@yahoo.com
Writer: Bartha Hill

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