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Andrew Stirling

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ANDREW STIRLING attended church for the first 10 years of his Christian life but is now in search for more. He has a heart to see God’s people grow into their full potential as true disciples of Christ. He believes the best way to achieve this is for the Church to function the way God originally intended.

Website: www.HomeChurch.nz
Photo: Andrew Stirling

Why I Love Home Church

WHY I LOVE HOME CHURCH. Are you a Christian who is faithfully attending church but becoming more and more frustrated with the experience? Do you read the Bible and see a contrast between what you read and what happens at church today? If the church of today does not truly reflect what the Bible teaches, what alternatives do we have? This book will provide a Biblical alternative to the established way of ‘doing’ church. It will also help to set you free from various religious practices which are making God’s Word of no effect in the lives of many believers today.

Website: www.HomeChurch.nz
Writer: Andrew Stirling

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